Molecular Vision 2014; 20:283-283 <>
Received 30 December 2013 | Accepted 05 March 2014 | Published 05 March 2014

Erratum: Protective effect of canolol from oxidative stress-induced cell damage in ARPE-19 cells via an ERK mediated antioxidative pathway

In this article by Xin Dong and colleagues (Molecular Vision v17:2040-2048), the following corrections were made:

A correction was made to the list of authors and affiliations to include:

Jun Fang,2 Hiroshi Maeda,2 Makoto Matsukura2

2Laboratory of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Division of Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sojo University, Kumomoto City, Japan

The acknowledgements were corrected to state: We thank Jien Zhao and Makoto Shinohara for the financial support. We also thank Haibo Qin and colleagues of the microbiology laboratory of Sojo University for their excellent technical assistance.