Figure 7 of Xie, Mol Vis 2014; 20:270-282.

Figure 7. Transcriptional regulation Trpm3 luciferase reporters by PAX6 and PAX6(5a). A: A schematic representation of the Trpm3 enhancer and 6x Pax6 DNA-binding motif/E4TATA-luciferase reporter. B: Cotransfection of Trpm3/E4TATA/luc with PAX6 or PAX6(5a). C: A comparison of Trpm3.4 Pax6-binding site with P6CON. The DNA sequence for gene synthesis is aligned with the P6CON motif. The binding sites and flanking sequences are in upper and lower case, respectively. D: Evaluation of PAX6 (black bars) and PAX6(5a; gray bars) series with the 6xTrpm3.4 luciferase reporter in cotransfected P19 cells. The sample size n=6 from two independent triplicates. The error bars represent the standard deviation. The significant fold-changes are indicated by the asterisks. The range of the p values are: *** <0.001, ** 0.001~0.01, * 0.01~0.05.