Figure 4 of Meng, Mol Vis 2014; 20:1806-1814.

Figure 4. Genomic DNA and cDNA of the CYP4V2 gene in four novel mutations. A: The heterozygous mutant single base-pair change (c.1027T>G,p.Y343D). B: Control (wild type, WT). C: The homozygous nonsense mutant (p.Q11). D: Control (WT). E: The heterozygous change (c.791del T). F: Control (WT). G: DNA-MT of the heterozygous splice change (c.413+2T>G). H: Control (WT). I: cDNA sequence, from the sense primer, for the control (WT). J: The cDNA of the heterozygous splice change (c.413+2T>G). The deletion is indicated with an arrow and black frame.