Table 1 of Joo, Mol Vis 2014; 20:1629-1642.

Table 1. Long non-coding RNAs with altered expression following PNN knock-down in HCET cells.

Name Alias Ensembl reference Genomic Location
Linc00085 SPACA6P ENSG00000182310 19:15693340–51712387 (forward strand)
HAS2-AS1 ENSG00000248690 8:121639293–121644693 (forward strand)
RP11–18I14.1 RPARP-AS1 ENSG00000269609 10:102449817–102461106 (forward strand)
RP11–295G20.2 ENSC00000233461 1:231522388–231528556 (reverse strand)
RP11–322M19.1 NUTM2a-AS1 ENSG00000223482 10:87203875–87342612 (reverse strand)