Figure 6 of Fort, Mol Vis 2014; 20:1480-1490.

Figure 6. The absence of Dp71 leads to a profound disorganization of the actin filaments. Images of the F-actin network (green) and the cell nuclei (blue) at the level of the epithelium of 9-month-old wt (A-B) and KO-Dp71 mice (C-D). Similar to the results obtained by immunostaining, the network of actin filaments in lens epithelial cells was not different in wt (A-B) versus KO-Dp71 (C-D) mice. However, images of the actin network deep within the lens demonstrate subtle but noticeable changes in the lens fiber cell region at 3 months (E: wt-F:KO-Dp71), as well as changes that were exacerbated with aging, as demonstrated at 9 months (G: wt-H:KO-Dp71). Scale bar: 300 μm.