Figure 1 of Fort, Mol Vis 2014; 20:1480-1490.

Figure 1. A dramatic increase of the incidence of cataracts in the absence of Dp71. A: Time-course analysis of cataract formation in Dp71 knockout (KO-Dp71) mice. Observations were performed at 2, 5, and 7 months in wild-type (wt; black; n = 20) and KO-Dp71 mice (white; n = 31). While virtually no cataracts were observed in wt mice at any of the ages tested, the incidence of cataracts increased dramatically with age in KO-Dp71 mice until affecting all the KO animals tested at 7 months. B: Representative photographs of the eyes of sedated wt and KO-Dp71 mice at 7 months of age using a slit lamp. Whereas the lenses of the wt mice are entirely transparent, a strong opacification is observed in the lenses of the 7-month-old KO-Dp71 mice. C: Representative photographs of isolated crystalline lenses of wt and KO-Dp71 mice at 7 months of age on top of an EM microscopy grid showing the undistorted image obtained through a wt lens; the image is strongly distorted in the KO-Dp71 mice, indicating a refractive defect.