Figure 7 of Jiang, Mol Vis 2014; 20:1463-1470.

Figure 7. For all panels, rMC-1 cells were grown in normal glucose (NG) or high glucose (HG) and transfected with an IRS-1 plasmid or a mutated IRS-1 plasmid and treated with SOCS3 and SOCS3 with mutant plasmid (Panels AB) with retinal cell lysates used for all experiments. Data show that SOCS3 regulates Akt (A) through IRS-1Ser307, leading to decreased cleaved caspase 3 (B) when IRS-1Ser307 is mutated. *p<0.05 versus NG non-treated; #p<0.05 versus HG non-treated; $p<0.05 versus HG SOCS3. n=5 for all groups. Data are mean±standard error of the mean (SEM).