Figure 5 of Belem de Andrade, Mol Vis 2014; 20:1422-1433.

Figure 5. Developmental colocalization between DSCAM and synaptic and scaffolding molecules. AD: Retina sections at early postnatal stages were stained with antibodies to DSCAM and Sap102 or GluR2 or GABAaδ2 or γ-protocadherin. Flipped controls were generated by rotating one of the channels 180 degrees across the vertical axis (to preserve S1–S5 but provide a randomized control). The use of flipped controls maintained the degree of immunoreactivity and provided a measure of incidental colocalization. Compared to the flipped controls, an increase in colocalization of all antigens and DSCAM was observed. E: Section of the P0 retina stained with antibodies to DSCAM and γ-protocadherin. Both proteins overlapped in a diffuse pattern across the inner plexiform layer. F: Primary culture of retinal ganglion cells stained with antibodies to DSCAM and γ-protocadherin. Overlap was observed in some but not all puncta (yellow arrows; overlap, red or green arrow; no overlap). The scale bar in (F) is equivalent to 53.25 µm in AD (insets are 7.9 µm), 100 μm in E, and 5.17 μm in F.