Figure 2 of Xu, Mol Vis 2014; 20:1296-1306.

Figure 2. Protein sequence alignment of human TSPAN12 with its orthologs. The conserved amino acid residues are shaded. The orthologs are from the following species: Homo sapiens (NP_036470), Pan troglodytes (XP_001142754), Musmusculus (NP_766595), Rattus norvegicus (NP_001015026), Bos taurus (NP_001039977), Equus caballus (XP_001502093), Canis lupus familiaris (XP_855095), Monodelphis domestica (XP_001364876), Gallus gallus (NP_001007850), Taeniopygia guttata (XP_002192381), Ornithorhynchus anatinus (XP_001516347), and Danio rerio (NP_957446). A: The residue of the missense mutation p.C189Y is highly conserved. B: The residue of the missense mutation p.T85M is also highly conserved.