Figure 1 Top and Bottom of Tink et al.

Figure 1 Top:
Southern-blot analysis of P-1 clone and human genomic DNA.

A: Genomic P1 clone (0.3 ug) and B: human genomic DNA (10 ug) were digested with EcoRI (E), BamHI (B), HindIII (H) and PstI (P). The digested samples were separated on a 1% agarose TBE gel, blotted and hybridized with a PEDF cDNA probe. A 1 kb ladder is given to show relative sizes of the hybridizing bands. The figure shows similarities in restriction pattern between the genomic DNA and the P1 clone.

Southern blot of P-1 clone and human genomic DNA

Figure 1 Bottom:
Scale map of the human PEDF gene.

Exons 1-8 are numbered and shown as black boxes. BamHI (B), EcoRI (E) and NotI (N) sites are shown with letters and arrows. The gene is approximately 16 kb in length. A rule bar with the relative size in kilobases (kb) is shown at the bottom. Several overlapping clones from which the sequence were obtained are shown above the P1 clone.

Scale map of human PEDF gene