Figure 3 of Uchiyama, Mol Vis 2013; 19:2135-2150.

Figure 3. The infiltration of neutrophils in the alkali-burned cornea. Representative photomicrographs of infiltrating neutrophils in the vehicle (A, C) and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARγ) (B, D) groups on day 1 (A, B) and day 7 (C, D) after alkali injury (AD: naphthol AS-D chloroacetate esterase stain, scale bar: 100 μm) showed that, in the vehicle and PPARγ groups, the neutrophil infiltration was prominent on day 1 in the peripheral regions of the cornea and on day 7 in the central regions of the cornea. The degree of neutrophil infiltration was less severe in the PPARγ group than in the vehicle group. E: The number of naphthol AS-D chloroacetate esterase-positive neutrophils per 400X high-power fields in the cornea showed that the infiltration of neutrophils in the cornea was significantly inhibited in the PPARγ group compared to the vehicle group on days 1, 7, and 14 in the alkali-burned cornea. The results are presented as the means±standard errors. *p<0.05, **p<0.01, compared with the vehicle group.