Figure 9 of Vaithianathan, Mol Vis 2013; 19:917-926.

Figure 9. Absence of C-terminal-binding protein 1(CtBP1) does not affect depolarization-evoked exocytosis measured by changes in membrane capacitance. A: The traces show examples of calcium current (upper traces), the change in membrane capacitance (Cm, middle traces), and change in series conductance (Gs, lower traces) evoked by 500-ms depolarization from 0 to −65 mV in wild-type (WT) and CtBP1-knockout (KO) bipolar cells. B: The graph shows the average change in membrane capacitance, ΔCm, elicited by 500-ms depolarization in WT (n=22 cells in four animals) or KO (n=19 cells in four animals) bipolar-cell terminals. The error bars show the standard error of the mean for each group. The difference is not statistically significant (p=0.54).