Figure 2 of Puk, Mol Vis 2013; 19:877-884.

Figure 2. Ocular phenotyping of Aey80 mutants. A: Scheimpflug analysis demonstrates clear lenses without lens-cornea adhesions in adult wild-type and heterozygous Aey80 mutants (left: typical images). Right: boxplots of the mean lens density (%) of the right eyes; the data for the left-eye lenses are similar. B: The eyes (axial length; left) and the lenses (right) of the mutants (males and females) are significantly smaller in the heterozygous Aey80 mutants compared to the wild-types (p<0.01). The colored boxes indicate half of the data (between the 0.25 and 0.75 quantile); the end of the vertical lines indicate the lowest and highest values, respectively; the bars in the colored boxes indicate the median. n=10 in each group; f, females; m, males; con, wild-type; het, heterozygous Aey80 mutants.