Figure 1 of Puk, Mol Vis 2013; 19:877-884.

Figure 1. Phenotypes of Aey80 mutants at embryonic day 15.5. Upper row: Littermates of the Aey80 mutant line show at embryonic day 15.5 three different phenotypes: regular eye size in wild-type mice (left, WT), a smaller eye in heterozygous (middle), and embryos without any eyes in homozygous mutants (right). These figures are similar to those described previously for Pax6 mutant embryos [20,26]. Lower row: Histological section through the eye: wild-type eye (left) with regular cornea (C), lens (L) and retina (R); heterozygotes frequently exhibit a synechia between lens and cornea (middle, red arrow); homozygous mutants do not show ocular structures.