Figure 1 of Bennett, Mol Vis 2013; 19:835-844.

Figure 1. Linkage analysis of autosomal dominant cataract found to segregate in a four-generation Caucasian-American pedigree. A: Pedigree and haplotype analysis shows segregation of SNP and microsatellite markers on chromosome 19q, listed in descending order from the centromere (19p-tel). Squares and circles symbolize males and females, respectively. Filled symbols and bars denote affected status and haplotypes, respectively. B: Slit-lamp retroillumination image of a lens from individual IV:3 before surgery at ~3 months of age reveals stellate opacities that appear as paler regions of light scattering against the retinal red reflex. C: Ideogram of chromosome 19 indicates the location of the cataract locus (shaded gray) and two positional candidate genes.