Figure 5 of Jiang, Mol Vis 2013; 19:804-811.

Figure 5. All data are for retinal Müller cells cultured in normal glucose (5 mM, NG) or high glucose (25 mM, HG) and treated with Compound 49b (50 nM). Panel A is ELISA results for cleaved caspase 3. Panels BF show western blot results for Fas ligand (B), Fas (C), Bax (D), Cytochrome C (E), and Bcl-xL (F), to demonstrate that high glucose increases proapoptotic markers (AE) and decreased Bcl-xL (F). Compound 49b increased Bcl-xL, while reducing proapoptotic factors. A representative blot is shown. *p<0.05 versus NG, #p<0.05 versus HG, n=4 for all groups. Data are mean±SEM.