Figure 6 of Xu, Mol Vis 2013; 19:604-613.

Figure 6. Silencing of the importin 13 gene inhibited nuclear translocation of c-Jun. A demonstrates representative images of immunofluorescence staining of c-Jun with anti-c-Jun antibody in the pterygium epithelial cells (PECs) after transfection with siRNA-CTR and siRNA-IPO13. DAPI (blue): counterstaining. B demonstrates western blotting results of c-Jun distribution in the cytoplasmic and nuclear fractions with anti-c-Jun antibody, transfected with siRNA-CTR and siRNA-IPO13. β-tubulin and HDAC1 as markers for the purity of cytoplasmic and nuclear fractions, respectively. N=nuclear fraction C=cytoplasmic fraction. Silencing of the IPO13 gene blocked nuclear translocation of c-Jun in the PECs. Scale bar: 10 μm.