Table 1 of Jeon, Mol Vis 2013; 19:2542-2550.

Table 1. Antibodies used in the study

Antigen Dilution Type of antibody Company Annotation
p63 X100 Mo Santa Cruz p53 homologous protein
Integrin β4 X100 Mo Chemicon Hemidesmosome component protein
CK3 X50 Mo Progen Major cytokeratin in corneal epithelium
CK12 X100 Po Santa Cruz Major cytokeratin in corneal epithelium
MUC1 X100 Mo Thermo Fisher A membrane bound mucin
MUC5AC X100 Mo Neomarkers Goblet cell mucin
Human nuclei X30 Mo Chemicon Distinguish human cells from other animal cells
Ki67(clone MIB-1) X50 Mo Dako Actively proliferating cells