Figure 4 of Jeon, Mol Vis 2013; 19:2542-2550.

Figure 4. Immunohistochemistry of the engrafted human conjunctival epithelia (CjE). The engrafted human CjE over the rabbit cornea surfaces were stained red for human nuclei (A), p63 (B), MUC1 (E), CK3 (G), and CK12 (H) by indirect immunofluorescence as described in Methods. The engrafted human CjE was stained green for Ki67 (C) and Integrin β4 (D). MUC5AC expression was not detected (F). Nuclei have been counterstained with DAPI except sections stained with anti-human nuclei antibody. Represented images of eight engrafted human CjEs over rabbit cornea surfaces.