Figure 7 of Son, Mol Vis 2013; 19:254-266.

Figure 7. The status of CP49 does not affect ephrin-A5-/- cataract formation. A-D: Ephrin-A5+/+ lenses with the CP49 mutation (Ephrin-A5+/+;CP49-/-) appear transparent (A, lens is denoted by dotted line), while ephrin-A5-/- lenses, regardless of the status of CP49, display cataract formation (B-D). Lens deformations were observed in 100% of the ephrin-A5-/-;CP49+/+ lenses (n=4), 73% of the ephrin-A5-/-;CP49+/- lenses (n=11), and 83% of the ephrin-A5-/-;CP49-/- lenses (n=6).