Figure 10 of Son, Mol Vis 2013; 19:254-266.

Figure 10. EphA2 is expressed throughout the developing lens. A-F: EphA2LacZ/+ tissue was reacted with X-Gal to detect EphA2 expression in the developing eye. Staining is observed in the E11 lens and found throughout lens development in subsequent embryonic and postnatal stages. Scale bars are in micrometers. G and H: At E14, expression is observed in the lens fiber cells near the bow and lens epithelium (G). Extensive expression is also observed and near the junction between fiber cells and epithelium (H). I and J: At P7, EphA2 is expressed in the outer lens fiber cell regions (I) as well as in the lens epithelium (J, epithelium is delineated by white dotted line). Scale bars are in mictrometers.