Figure 1 of Son, Mol Vis 2013; 19:254-266.

Figure 1. Disruptions in the gross morphology of the ephrin-A5-/- lens appear in postnatal stages. A: Postnatal day 7 (P7) and P14 ephrin-A5 mutant lenses appear grossly normal. However, by P21 opacity becomes quite prominent in the ephrin-A5-/- lens while the wild-type lens remains transparent. Scale bar in top left panel=500 μm. B: While the lens sizes are comparable at P7 and P14 (p>0.05, n=12 lenses per group), the ephrin-A5-/- lens becomes significantly smaller than the wild-type counterpart at P21 (p<0.05, n=12 lenses per group). C: Weights of the wild-type and ephrin-A5-/- lenses are comparable at each of the stages. n=12 lenses per group. D: No differences are observed in posterior suture formation between both groups as both groups show the classical Y-suture formation. However, fiber cells appear more disorganized in the ephrin-A5-/- lenses. Scale bar=50 μm.