Figure 6 of Mohamed, Mol Vis 2013; 19:2352-2359.

Figure 6. Structural details of cortical fiber cells. A: Displayed is a low magnification overview of the capsule, epithelium (N, nuclei), and outer cortex from 2011-406 (92/M). B: A high magnification image shows an epithelial cell nuclear envelope with a nuclear pore (arrow) and endoplasmic reticulum with adherent ribosomes (arrowheads) from 2011- 523 (22/M). C: High magnification image of a mitochondrion with a cristae membrane labeled (arrow) from 2011-523 (22/M). D: An intermediate magnification image shows elongating fiber cells and regular fiber cells of the outer cortex, just posterior to the equatorial plane. A gap junction between elongating fiber cells is marked (arrowhead). A 10-µm-thick intact and undistorted capsule is shown (double arrow) from 2011-565 (55/M). E: A well-preserved interface is shown between Cell 1, a dark staining elongating fiber cell, and Cell 2 showing a gap junction (paired membranes) from 2011-565 (55/M). F: A similar gap junction (paired membranes) between two fiber cells (cells 1 and 2) is shown deeper within the outer cortex from 2011-565 (55/M).