Figure 4 of Mohamed, Mol Vis 2013; 19:2352-2359.

Figure 4. High magnification images from fetal and embryonic regions of nuclear cataracts. A: Displayed is a long gap junction (GJ, arrows) about 16 nm wide from a cataract: 3–25–11#3 (74/F). B: Displayed is a short gap junction (arrow) and undulating membranes with extracellular space deposits (arrowheads) from a cataract: 1–11–11#1 (12/M). C: Circular profile, which is a cross-section of a intercellular projection, is encased by a membrane pair (arrows) where several extracellular space deposits are visible (arrowheads) from a cataract: 4–6-11#2 (69/M).