Figure 1 of Mohamed, Mol Vis 2013; 19:2352-2359.

Figure 1. Examples of donor lenses and cataractous nuclei examined in detail by TEM. A-D: Donor lenses after fixation and storage. E-H: Extracted nuclei after fixation and storage. Donor lens identification and dimensions are A: 2011-523: 22/M (D=9.16 mm, T=3.41 mm); B: 2011–565: 55/M (D=9.60 mm, T=4.33 mm); C: 2011–486: 60/F (D=9.68 mm, T=3.94 mm); D: 2011–406: 92/M (D=9.28 mm, T=4.44 mm). Extracted cataractous nuclei identification and dimensions are E: 1–11–11#1:12/M (D=5.99 mm, T=2.27 mm); F: 3–1-11#1: 58/M (D=7.59 mm, T=3.42 mm); G: 4–6-11#2: 69/M (D=6.30 mm, T=2.44 mm); H: 3–25–11#3: 74/F (D=6.70 mm, T=3.22 mm). [Key: Sample ID: age in years/gender (D=final diameter, T=final thickness)].