Table 1 of Whitmore, Mol Vis 2013; 19:2274-2297.

Table 1. Donor information.

Sample Batch Gender CFH genotype Age Cause of death Age-related maculopathy
ARM1 A F HY 78 Coronary artery disease RPE changes
ARM2 A F HY 80 Intracerebral hemorrhage RPE changes
ARM3 A M HY 90 Respiratory failure Macular drusen
ARM4 A F HY 91 Pneumonia Macular drusen
ARM5 A F YY 91 Not available RPE changes; neovascular membrane in contralateral eye
ARM6 A M HH 78 Respiratory failure RPE changes
ARM7 B F YY 81 Ischemic bowel RPE changes
ARM8 B M HH 92 Pneumonia Numerous large drusen, no atrophy or exudate
ARM9 B M HH 77 Not available RPE changes
CTRL1 B M HY 93 Cardiac arrest Normal fundus exam <2 years
CTRL2 A M YY 83 Pneumonia Normal fundus exam <2 years; large cup to disc ratio
CTRL3* B M HY 84 Subdural hematoma Normal fundus exam >2 years
CTRL4 B F HY 77 Not available Normal fundus exam but old records; normal gross appearance
CTRL5 A M YY 81 Respiratory failure Normal fundus exam <2 years
CTRL6 A F HH 87 Aortic stenosis Normal fundus exam <2 years
CTRL7 A M HY 77 Renal failure Normal fundus exam <2 years
CTRL8 B F YY 83 Not available Normal fundus exam <2 years
CTRL9* A M HY 77 Brain tumor Normal fundus exam <2 years