Figure 2 of Postel, Mol Vis 2013; 19:2058-2067.

Figure 2. In situ hybridization displays the expression pattern of selected candidates in 4-day-old and adult mice. Cacna2d4 and Kcnv2 are expressed in the developing photoreceptor layer in 4-day-old retinas and in the ONL of adult retinas (C, D, and G, H). Cacna2d4 shows additional expression in the mature INL (D). Atp8a2 and Cadm2 are expressed in 4-day-old ONL, INL, and RGC (A, E). Expression throughout the retina is observed in adult animals (B, F). Attached smaller images represent the corresponding sense controls for each staining. Scale bar: 50 µm. AS: anti sense; INL: inner nuclear layer; NBL: neuroblast layer; ONL: outer nuclear layer; RGC: retinal ganglion cell layer; S: sense.