Figure 4 of Li, Mol Vis 2013; 19:1999-2010.

Figure 4. Treatment with total flavonoids from Flos Puerariae (TFF) attenuated the thickening of the retinal capillary basement membrane. n=4 per group. Eight electrophotographs of each group were analyzed. AE: The electron micrograph images were representatives the transverse sections of retinal capillaries of the control (A), DM (B), 50 mg/kg TFF-treated (C), 100 mg/kg TFF-treated (D) and 200 mg/kg TFF-treated (E) group (Scale bar=4 μm). F-J:The enlarged views of A-E were showed. K: The BM thicknesses of retinal capillaries in different group were measured.. Data are expressed as mean ±standard deviation; n=4 per group. p<0.01.