Table 3 of Millá, Mol Vis 2013; 19:1707-1722.

Table 3. MYOC mutations detected in the families studied.

Family No. Subject No. Phenotype MYOC mutation Treatment Prognosis
ICO-4 II:3* Severe POAG p.Gln368Stop (HT) *Aggressive surgery
More frequent examinations
Withdrawn Bad visual prognosis
III:1 Normal p.Gln368Stop (HT)
ICO-24 II:1* NTG p.Ala427Thr (HT) *Filtering surgery Bad
ICO-29 II:2* Mild POAG p.Glu218Lys (HT) *Medical treatment Good
III:1 OHT p.Glu218Lys (HT) None Good
ICO-45 IV:1* JOAG p.Val426Phe (HT) *Filtering surgery Bad
EMEIGG-8008 II:3* POAG p.Thr293Lys (HT) *Medical treatment Good
EMEIGG-11002 II:1 POAG? p.Lys39Arg (HT) *Laser trabeculoplasty Bad
II:2* Unilateral POAG p.Lys39Arg (HT)
II:3 POAG p.Lys39Arg (HT)
III:1 Normal p.Lys39Arg (HT)
III:2 Normal p.Lys39Arg (HT)
III:3 Normal p.Lys39Arg (HT)
III:4 Normal p.Lys39Arg (HT)
IV:1 Normal -
IV:2 Normal p.Lys39Arg (HT)
IV:3 Normal p.Lys39Arg (HT)
EMEIGG-12014 I:1 POAG p.Tyr479His (HT) *Filtering surgery Moderately impaired
II:1 Normal p.Tyr479His (HT)
II:2 Normal p.Tyr479His (HT)
EMEIGG-21007 21,007.1* Severe PCG p.Glu352Lys (HT) *Tube implant Bad
EMEIGG-23001 23,001.1* POAG p.Gln368Stop (HT) *Medical treatment Good but early onset