Figure 4 of Sharif, Mol Vis 2013; 19:1356-1370.

Figure 4. Effects of various inhibitors of cellular signaling on bradykinin (BK)-induced mobilization of [Ca2+]i in normal, primary h-CM cells. The effect of removing extracellular Ca2+ (by chelation with different concentrations of EGTA) relative to the BK-induced response in the absence of EGTA is shown in A. The effect of preincubating cells with different concentrations of the PLC inhibitor U73122 on BK-induced [Ca2+]i levels compared to control cells is shown in B. Figure C depicts [Ca2+]i mobilization evoked by BK in control and thapsigargin pretreated h-CM cells. Figure D shows BK-induced mobilization of [Ca2+]i in h-CM cells preincubated with 1 mM EGTA and with different concentrations of thapsigargin and that observed in control cells.