Figure 1 of Kim, Mol Vis 2013; 19:1290-1295.

Figure 1. Ribonucleic acid integrity number values from ten ocular tissues with postmortem times <6 and >8 h. A: RNA integrity number (RIN) values of ocular tissues that were preserved in RNAlater within 6 h postmortem. The RIN values of the cornea and TM tissues were significantly higher than the RIN value of the ciliary body (p<0.05). B: RIN values for RNA isolated within 6 h. postmortem in non-vascularized (NV) ocular tissues and vascularized (V) ocular tissues. RIN values were significantly higher for NV compared to V tissues (p=0.0002). C: RIN values for RNA isolated ocular tissues >8 h. postmortem. There were no significant differences in RIN values among the different ocular tissues. Abbreviations for tissues, C: cornea, TM: trabecular meshwork, CB: ciliary body, ON: optic nerve, I: iris, R: retina, C/R: choroid/retinal pigment epithelium, S: sclera, ONH: optic nerve head, L: lens.