Table 3 of Shi, Mol Vis 2013; 19:128-134.

Table 3. SNPs being tested and assay information from Applied Biosystems.

Gene SNP ID ABI assay ID SNP type Chr site
MMP9 rs17576 C___1414756_10 Intron Chr.20: 44,638,136
MMP9 rs3918249 C__11655953_10 Mis-sense (Q279R) Chr.20: 44,640,225
MFRP rs3814762 C__27488402_20 Mis-sense (M136V) Chr.11: 119,216,504
HSP70 rs1043618 C__11917510_10 5-UTR Chr.6
MTHER rs1801133 C___1202883_20 Mis-sense (A222V) Chr.1: 11,856,378