Table 3 of Tran-Viet, Mol Vis 2012; 18:937-944.

Table 3. Summary of variants identified in ZNF644 in 131 high-grade myopia cases.

Chromosome 1
base pair




91487710 UTR Novel A>G N/A Caucasian
91487657 UTR Novel C>T N/A Caucasian
91487013 UTR Novel G>T N/A Caucasian
91447985 Intronic rs358691 A>G N/A Caucasian
91406677 Synonymous rs17131243 G>A L78L African American
91406033 Synonymous Novel G>A R293Q Caucasian
91405699 Synonymous rs41286763 C>T T404T Caucasian
91405245 Nonsynonymous rs17131242 A>G M556V African American¥
91405215 Nonsynonymous rs60262072 A>T T566S African American¥
91404592 Synonymous Novel C>T H773H Hispanic
91404532 Synonymous Novel C>T D793D African American
91404530 Nonsynonymous rs10922938 C>T A794V African American¥
91404303 Nonsynonymous rs59922637 A>G T870A African American
91404256 Nonsynonymous rs41286761 G>T E885D Caucasian
91383756 Intronic Novel A>G N/A Caucasian
91383589 Intronic rs2448020 G>T N/A Multiple
91382635 Intronic rs17131234 G>C N/A African American
91382406 Synonymous rs114618312 C>T A1311A African American
91382370 Synonymous Novel C>T A1323A Asian
91382086 UTR Novel A>T N/A African American
91381679 UTR rs1188952 C>T N/A Multiple
91381534 UTR Novel A>C N/A Caucasian
91381240 UTR Novel C>T N/A Caucasian
91381181 UTR Novel G>C N/A African American
91381105 UTR rs17131232 A>T N/A Multiple
91380797 Intronic rs115299241 C>T N/A African American