Table 2 of Tan, Mol Vis 2012; 18:887-900.

Table 2. ERG data in the dispase-injected PVR and saline-control eyes.

Scotopic ERG (−25dB Flash, Fix On, BackLight Off 0.5HZ)
    amplitude p-value
a-wave saline-injected control eyes 10.817±4.6006/uV 0.2120(>0.05)
  dispase-injected PVR eyes 8.0143±4.3735/uV  
b-wave saline-injected control eyes 100.00±29.698/uV 0.001(<0.05)
  dispase-injected PVR eyes 19.886±7.774/uV  
Mesopic ERG (0dB Standard Flash, Fix On, BackLight Off 0.2HZ)
a-wave saline-injected control eyes 46.167±27.766/uV 0.0110(<0.05)
  dispase-injected PVR eyes 21.836±11.487/uV  
b-wave saline-injected control eyes 180.50±54.099/uV 0.0013(<0.05)
  dispase-injected PVR eyes 48.57±24.747/uV