Figure 8 of Liu, Mol Vis 2012; 18:624-633.

Figure 8. Cytokine Immunohistochemical staining in corneal grafts on postoperative day 14. A, F, K, and P: Untreated corneal graft (control). B, G, L, and Q: Topical 1% CsA group. C, H, M, and R: Topical 0.1% FTY720 group. D, I, N, and S: Topical 0.3% FTY720 group. E, J, O, and T: Topical 0.5% FTY720 group. The brown staining represents positive IL-2 protein (A-E), positive IL-10 protein (F-J), positive IFN-γ protein (K-O), and positive TGF-β1 protein (P-T).