Figure 2 of Xiang, Mol Vis 2012; 18:617-623.

Figure 2. Representative photographs of arthritis and uveitis of patients in the family. A: General appearance showed deformities of the feet in patient (III:6). B: The coronal reconstruction section of CT scan of patient (III:6) revealed erosion of bone at the edges of the joint in the MCP joints, joint space narrowing and subluxation in the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joints (yellow arrow). C: The right eye of the patient (III:6) revealed partial posterior synechia (blue arrow). D: Deformity of the hands of the proband (III:5). E and F: X-rays of patient (II:5) showed multiple and symmetric joint involvement, generalized osteoporosis, joint space narrowing, poorly defined edges of the articular surfer, subluxation, contracture and ankylosis of the PIP joints (white arrow). G: the right eye of the proband (III:5) showed dot-like calcific keratopathy in Bowman's membrane and the cornea between the opacities remained clear (red arrow).