Figure 5 of Kawakami-Schulz, Mol Vis 2012; 18:606-616.

Figure 5. Recruitment of inflammatory cells to the cornea of Dstn mutants. A: Immunofluorescence using CD45 (red) to mark inflammatory cells and myeloperoxidase to mark neutrophils specifically in Dstn mutant and WT cornea on A.BY and B6 backgrounds at P58. All slides were counterstained with DAPI to mark cell nuclei (blue). Bar, 20 μm. B: Quantification of CD45 positive cells revealed significantly increased inflammation in both Dstncorn1 and Dstncorn1–2J mutant cornea compared to WT at P58 (p<0.001 for both backgrounds). C: The trend for increased inflammation in A.BY Dstncorn1 compared to B6.Cg-Dstncorn1 is present by P28 and increases to significance by P58. Sample sizes: A.BY.Cg-Dstncorn1-2J P58 n=4, A.BY Dstncorn1 P58 n=8, A.BY WT P58 n=4, B6 Dstncorn1–2J P58 n=4, B6.Cg-Dstncorn1 P58 n=6, B6 WT P58 n=4, A.BY Dstncorn1 P28 n=6, B6.Cg-Dstncorn1 P28 n=3. Unit length=300 um. Error bars, SEM * denotes statistical significance resulting from t-tests, with omitted bars representing non-significance. *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001.