Figure 2 of Kawakami-Schulz, Mol Vis 2012; 18:606-616.

Figure 2. F-actin in the cornea of Dstn mutants and WT mice in both the A.BY and B6 background at P58. A: Phalloidin staining of whole mount cornea at P58 shows that F-actin (red) accumulation more severe in Dstncorn1 cornea compared to Dstncorn1–2J cornea in both the A.BY and B6 background. F-actin accumulation is less severe in the cornea of B6.Cg-Dstncorn1 when compared to A.BY Dstncorn1 . Bar, 200 μm. B: Phalloidin staining of frozen sections illustrates the degree of F-actin (gray in upper panels, red in lower panels) accumulation in each Dstn mutant compared to WT. Two portions of an A.BY Dstncorn1 cornea are shown to represent its irregular surface. Bar, 20 μm. All slides were counterstained with DAPI to mark cell nuclei (blue).