Figure 1 of Kawakami-Schulz, Mol Vis 2012; 18:606-616.

Figure 1. Gross anatomic imaging of eyes of A.BY Dstncorn1, B6.Cg-Dstncorn1 , A.BY.Cg-Dstncorn1–2J, B6 Dstncorn1–2J, A.BY WT, and B6 WT mice. Corneal neovascularization occurs only in lines with the Dstncorn1mutation (arrowheads in B6.Cg-Dstncorn1). While all Dstn mutants display a roughened corneal surface, this phenotype is more severe in Dstncorn1. Cataract formation occurs in all four mutants, but is delayed in Dstncorn1–2J when compared to Dstncorn1.