Figure 5 of Nelson, Mol Vis 2012; 18:479-487.

Figure 5. Halofuginone suppresses Smad3-related transcriptional activity in transfected human corneal fibroblasts. Transfected cells treated with TGF-β display significantly greater reporter luciferase activity than untreated control cells, and halofuginone (Hal) significantly inhibits this induced reporter activity. Halofuginone also reduces basal reporter luciferase activity. Reporter luciferase activity expressed as firefly activity (from p3TP-Lux) relative to Renilla luciferase activity (from pRL). Results from three independent experiments are shown. * p<0.05 compared to control, ** p<0.05 compared to TGF-β (n=3, bar=S.E.M.).