Table 1 of An, Mol Vis 2012; 18:471-478.

Table 1. The kit assay ID for each SNP.

SNP ID Assay ID Forward primer name Reverse primer name
rs3804158 C__27486143_10 C__27486143_10_F C__27486143_10_R
rs1048201 C___8837778_10 C___8837778_10_F C___8837778_10_R
rs308442 C____802937_10 C____802937_10_F C____802937_10_R
rs308379 C____802931_10 C____802931_10_F C____802931_10_R
rs308381 C____802929_20 C____802929_20_F C____802929_20_R
rs17473132 C__34186735_10 C__34186735_10_F C__34186735_10_R