Figure 3 of Lennikov, Mol Vis 2012; 18:455-464.

Figure 3. TUNEL labeling at irradiated corneas with and without AST-treatment. Eyes were treated with AST eye drops before UV exposure (A: 1 mg/ml, B: 0.1 mg/ml, C: 0.01 mg/ml AST). Control subjects were not irradiated with UVB (D). R: Right eyes were given various concentrations of AST eye drops. L: Left eyes were given vehicle alone as controls. Numbers of apoptotic corneal cells per slide after UVB exposure is shown (E). Apoptotic cells were significantly fewer in right eye corneas treated with 1 (p<0.01), 0.1 (p<0.05), and 0.01 (p<0.05) mg/ml AST eye drops compared to the left eyes, which served as controls. There were no apoptotic cells detected in corneas without irradiation.