Table 2 of Bahmani, Mol Vis 2012; 18:439-448.

Table 2. The effect of glycine on the AGE fluorescence emission, glycated protein, and protein content of rat lenses.

Lens AGE
(FI %)
Glycated proteins
(μmol of HMF/mg pr)
Total protein
Soluble protein
N 18.5±3.1 0.52±0.06 17.68±0.72 14.50±0.66
D 82.6±5.9a† 1.87±0.30a† 10.19±3.10a# 4.79±2.28a#
DG 23.7±4.9b† 0.86±0.15b† 16.69±2.02b# 8.25±0.84a,b#
NG 19.3±3.7b† 0.50±0.14b† 17.17±1.47b# 13.97±1.04b#