Figure 3 of Lu, Mol Vis 2012; 18:403-411.

Figure 3. Fast recovery from cornea wounding in K14-cre+/−/NICD+ transgenic mice. A: The fluorescein stained eye images were taken under cobalt-filtered ultraviolet light right after, or 18 h after, mechanical scraping of the center corneal epithelium. B: Quantitative measurement of wounding area stained by fluorescein is presented as average wound area per eye. “N” in the figure represents the number of eyes examined. Two-tail t-test: *p<0.05. C: Wounded corneas were stained with Richardson’s solution to show the remaining wound area (blue at 0, 18, and 24 h after injury). D: The wound size (Richardson stained region) was measured using photographs with computer image software. Four eyes for each group and the results are presented as average±SD.. Two-tail t-test: **p<0.005 and *p<0.05. n=4.