Figure 2 of Lu, Mol Vis 2012; 18:403-411.

Figure 2. No development defects in NICD transgenic cornea. A: Immunohistochemistry examination of NICD transgenic eye in comparison with wild type control animal. The representative images of HE staining and immunofluorescent staining with antibodies recognizing K14, p63, BrdU, K12, and ZO-1 in the corneas of 8-weeks-old WT and K14-cre+/−/NICD+ mice. The scale bar represents 50 μm of length. B: Quantitative examination showed no significant difference in the cell proliferation between NICD transgenic cornea and WT cornea. The average numbers of the BrdU positive cells per 1 mm of fixed length parallel to the cornea surface or limbus±SD were calculated from 5 eyes for each type of mice. n=5.