Figure 1 of Lu, Mol Vis 2012; 18:403-411.

Figure 1. NICD transgene expression. A: Schematic view of the experimental strategy. R26fN1-ICD mice were crossed with K14-cre+/+ mice to generate NICD overexpression corneal epithelium in K14-cre+/−/NICD+ mice. F, floxed. B: mRNA levels of NICD and its direct downstream transcription targets, Hes1 and Hey1, were assessed by a quantitative reverse transcription-PCR analysis of cornea extract RNA from 8-week-old WT and K14-cre+/−/NICD+ mice. Each bar represents average±standard deviation (SD) of three independent experiments. Two-tail t-test: *p<0.05. n=3.