Table 2 of Su, Mol Vis 2012; 18:3057-3063.

Table 2. Summary of mutations responsible for Y-suture cataract.

Gene Sequence change Lens phenotype Ethnicity Reference
FTL 32 G>A Y-suture congenital cataract Indian [6]
GJA8 235G>C Full moon with Y-suture cataract Indian [7]
GJA8 262C>A Y-suture cataract Indian [8]
MIP c.319G>A one eye exhibited Y-suture and nuclear pulverulent opacification of the lens, while the others exhibited complete opacification Chinese [10]
BFSP2 697–699delGAA Y-suture cataract Chinese [5]
BFSP2 697–699delGAA* Congenital nuclear and sutural cataract American [9]
BFSP2 696–698delGAA Progressive sutural congenital cataract Chinese [11]
BFSP2 696–698delGAA Progressive congenital cataract with suture and cortex opacity Chinese [12]
CRYBA1 IVS3+1G>A Sutural, nuclear, and peripheral cortical opacity Australia [13]
CRYBA1 IVS3+1G>C Zonular and sutural cataract Brazilian [14]
CRYBA1 IVS3+1G>C Y-shaped sutural cataract Saudi Arabian [15]
CRYBA1 IVS3+1 G>A Progressive childhood cataract with Y-suture opacity Chinese [16]
CRYBA1 IVS3+1 G>T Y-suture opacity Chinese [17]
CRYBB2 475C>T, 483C>T Sutural cataract and cerulean opacities Indian [18]
CRYBB1 658G>T Dustlike cataract with the anterior and posterior Y-suture opacities American [19]