Table 1 of Perkins, Mol Vis 2012; 18:3029-3048.

Table 1. Mitochondrial crista junction diameter and density in rod spherules and cone pedicles: effects of postnatal lead exposure and/or bcl-xl overexpression.

 Name Control Lead Bcl-xL Bcl-xL/Lead
Crista Junction Diameter (nm)
Rod Spherule 12.00±0.39a,b 11.40±0.22c,d 14.10±0.34a,c 13.40±0.50b,d
Cone Pedicle 8.50±0.42a,b 10.90±0.60a 9.20±0.33c 10.30±0.40b,c
Crista Junction Density (number of CJs /mm2)
Rod Spherule 54±7 74±17 58±8 48±20
Cone Pedicle 56±18 72±19 65±13 61±18