Table 2 of Cohen, Mol Vis 2012; 18:2915-2921.

Table 2. Clinical characteristics of individuals homozygous for the CDHR1 c.1485+2T>G mutation

Patient No. Sex Age (y) Visual acuity Refractive error Color vision (Ishihara) FFERG*
Age (y) Eye LA: single flash LA: flicker (30Hz) DA: (μV)║
IV-2 F 36 6/120(OU) OD −11 1st panel not seen (OU) 23 OD NR ND a 0 b 80 †
OS −13 OS NR ND a 0 b 50
IV-3 F 38 6/120(OU) ND 1st panel not seen (OU) 30 OD NR NR a 0 b 17 ‡