Figure 1 of Qu, Mol Vis 2012; 18:2828-2838.

Figure 1. AAV2-mediated transduction was used to study calcineurin function in mouse retinal ganglion cells (RGCs). A: Calcineurin can be activated under physiologic conditions or pathological conditions [8]. Under physiologic conditions, binding of Ca2+/calmodulin reversibly exposes the catalytic domain and activates the enzyme. Under pathological conditions, cleavage of the autoinhibitory domain leaves the catalytic domain constitutively active. B: Three AAVs were used to express EGFP (control), HA-tagged full-length calcineurin (CaNwt, unactivated), and HA-tagged cleaved calcineurin (CaNCA, constitutively active) in RGCs. C: EGFP was expressed in RGCs throughout the retina nine weeks after intravitreal injection of AAV-EGFP.